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INTERVIEW Claudia Gray (english version)

Hi everybody!!! Juvenil Romántica want to bring you all information, for that, we have crossed the frontiers!!!
Our excellent reporter Eira Scheper from Juvenil Romántica interviewed Claudia Gray, (Midnight= Medianoche in Spain) ^^
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JR: You are one of the authors that uses a psedonym, why?

C: There's not really any reason, to tell you the truth. When I was little, I thought the idea of writing under a pen name was fun -- so I did it as soon as I got the chance! I chose Claudia because "I, Claudius" was in my DVD player at the time.

JR:You have green eyes like Lucas in Evernight, do you gave him that color for any reason?

C: My eyes are really more blue than green, and Lucas' eyes are definitely much darker. So he got his eyes on his own.

JR: In Spain we only have the first book, Evernight, in the US Stargazer will be on stores March 09. And now you are working on the third book, can you tell us what will happen?

C: I can tell you that STARGAZER is about Bianca and Lucas trying to find a way to be together despite all the obstacles between them -- while Bianca also discovers that Evernight Academy is haunted. I can't say too much about HOURGLASS without spoiling the end of STARGAZER, but I can say it definitely takes the series to some new places.

JR: You worked on a third book, Immortal, with other authors. Why a story of Patrice? Why not Balthazar or Courtney or...?

C: Patrice is a character who seems to exist mostly on the surface in EVERNIGHT. There's really only one scene in which you see that she's not just interested in clothes and makeup, and that she's had a darker, more painful past. I knew more about her story, about why she is so obsessed with appearances, and so when I got the offer to write a story for IMMORTAL, I knew that was the story I wanted to tell. The EVERNIGHT series really had no space for Patrice's past, so I was grateful for the chance to explore it in more depth.

JR: Like every author, you'll like all your characters but, do u have a favourite one? Do u based any on persons near you?

C: None of the characters is very much based on a person I know. Honestly, I really do love them all, in different ways and for different reasons, so I couldn't pick a favorite. But if I were going to spend the evening just hanging out with one of them and having fun, I'd probably invite Vic.

JR: Your book is a best-seller, soon you will get the offer to bring it to the cinema, would you accept? Why?

C: would love to get an offer to adapt EVERNIGHT to TV or movies! But when it comes to Hollywood, it's best not to hold your breath. Very few books get optioned. I would be thrilled to see what somebody would do with the story.

JR: Do you make a "ritual" to get more inspired to write? What "mania" do you have as writer?

C: No rituals. I used to have them, but the problem with a ritual is that you can become dependent on it. I work full-time in addition to writing, which means I need to write pretty much any chance I get -- and that might be in the airport, on the subway, morning, evening, whatever. So I try not to rely on music, candlelight, etc. (Though I will take these things if I can get them!) I don't know if I have any particular manias as a writer, though once I get really into an idea, it's very hard for me to think about anything else!

JR: Are you going to make a tour through Spain to sign books someday?

C: I would LOVE to do that. The publisher hasn't invited me yet, but maybe if you guys ask them very nicely, they might consider it. I'd come in a heartbeat.

JR: Do you want to give an advice for the readers who write?

C: Read everything you can get your hands on -- both the stuff you already love and things you might not have thought to try in a million years. The best writers are always avid readers; something about the act of reading a story teaches you so much about how to build a character, create a plot and pace events. (Not that you don't have to write a lot too, because of course you do.)

JR: It was an honor to have you here with us, do u want to say something to our readers?

C: I've been surprised and delighted to receive so many e-mails from readers in Spain. I never realized that so many people would reach out to an author in another country, so I am very touched by how MEDIANOCHE/EVERNIGHT has been received there. Thanks to absolutely everyone who has e-mailed or commented on my blog, and i hope you will all stay in touch throughout the series!

Interview by Eira Scheper to Juvenil Romántica.

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